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Dashi Soy Sauce

All you need to turn home cooking into authentic Japanese-style dishes.


Ponzu Soy Sauce

Ponzu soy sauce with dashi for a richer sauce with a mellower citrus flavor—goes well with Gyoza pot stickers.


Exclusive seasoning of the famous Japanese Cuisine

Soup Soy Sauce

Makes Japanese soups easy to prepare.


Teriyaki Soy Sauce

The perfect sauce for Teriyaki and other favorites!


Salad Dressing

Add a taste of Japan to your salads.


Sushi / Sashimi Soy Sauce

The soy sauce made especially for Sushi and Sashimi.


Healthy with Japanese Cuisine

Less Sodium Dashi Soy Sauce

Half the sodium of regular soy sauce - for the health conscious.


Salmon Dashi Soy Sauce

A healthy soy sauce with a touch of dried, smoked salmon—mild and slightly sweet.


Vegan Dashi Soy Sauce

Vegan Dashi Soy Sauce is 100% free of animal products.


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