Gyudon (Beef Rice Bowl)

Gyudon (Beef Rice Bowl)

Calories687 kcal
Sodium3.4 g
Total time
15 minutes


Steamed rice 2 servings
Beef slices 150 g
Onion 100 g (around 1/2 an onion)
(A) Dashi Soy Sauce 60 ml
(A) Water 180 ml
(A) Sugar 2 Tbsp
Benishoga (red pickled ginger) as desired


  1. Cut beef into bite-sized pieces and the onion into wedges.
  2. Heat A (Dashi Soy Sauce, water and sugar) in a pot and bring to a boil. Add the beef and onion from step 1, and cook over medium heat for around 5 minutes.
  3. Put rice in a bowl. Ladle the cooked beef and onions onto the rice, add the Benishoga (red pickled ginger) and serve.

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