What is Dashi Soy Sauce?

Easy Preparation of Authentic Japanese Food at Home

In addition to being tasty, Japanese food is also considered healthy, so you may have tried cooking it at home. However, you may have found it harder than you imagined, even if you used soy sauce—one of the signature seasonings of Japan.

Did you know that there’s a seasoning called Dashi Soy Sauce that can help you cook authentic Japanese dishes with ease? It is a blend of “dashi” and the soy sauce that everyone is familiar with. Let’s take a look at dashi and see how it can make soy sauce even more special.

Dashi, the Essence of Japanese Cuisine

Dashi is Japanese soup stock and is often used in combination with soy sauce to season Japanese dishes. It is the very foundation of Japanese cuisine, and the quality of the dashi will determine the quality of the dish. It is the secret ingredient that gives Japanese cuisine its soft, mild and healthy traits along with a deep aroma and rich taste.

Dashi is made by simmering natural ingredients like fish and kelp. It serves as a healthy backbone that brings out the rich flavor of Japanese food. Chefs who are familiar with authentic Japanese cuisine know that dashi is the essential, decisive ingredient, even more so than soy sauce.

The Umami in Dashi

There are five basic tastes—sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness and umami (savory taste)—and the balance of these tastes determines the flavor. Of these, sweetness and saltiness are major elements of flavor. However, too much foods rich in these two flavors can lead to health issues from the consumption of excessive calories or salt. Japanese food makes skillful use of umami, and the flavorful balance it creates helps moderate the amount of sweetness and saltiness in a dish. This is what makes Japanese dishes delicious yet healthy.

Perfect Blend of Dashi and Soy Sauce

Master chefs of Japanese cuisine blend carefully-selected premium soy sauce and superb dashi to create their signature dishes. They also devise their original blend of soy sauce and dashi. The flavorful foundation and backbone of the cuisine created by master chefs is actually this blend of soy sauce and dashi. In other words, Dashi Soy Sauce.

It isn’t just master chefs. Each Japanese household has its original blend of soy sauce and dashi, which has been passed down through the generations as the taste of mother's home cooking. They are dishes that take people down memory lane and evoke the warmth of mother's love. In creating its Dashi Soy Sauce, Kamada Soy Sauce researched all manners of blends, from those of master chefs to the taste of mother's home cooking that the Japanese are so fond of. As a result, it achieved a superb blend of soy sauce and dashi that cannot be easily recreated.

We are proud to recommend this taste of authentic Japanese cuisine—our Dashi Soy Sauce.

A fresh Taste Sensation that Changes Standard Cooking into Japanese Cuisine

The Japanese have insatiable curiosity when it comes to food, and Tokyo is well known as a city where restaurants specializing in cuisines from just about anywhere in the world can be found. But did you know that dishes originating in many different countries are cooked even in ordinary Japanese households?

What is more, foreign dishes are not simply assimilated into Japanese cuisine. Touches are also added to turn them into Japanese-style dishes. Here, too, Dashi Soy Sauce plays an important role. It helps transform any kind of dish into a Japanese-style dish. You can do the same by using Dashi Soy Sauce.

Dashi Soy Sauce is a versatile seasoning with the power to change everyday home cooking into a Japanese-style dish.