What is Dashi

Easy Preparation of Authentic Japanese Food at Home

Japanese food is considered to be both healthy and tasty. Reproducing the authentic taste and flavor at home, however, may be difficult for some. Even using soy sauce – one of the signature seasonings of Japan, still leaves making authentic Japanese food a challenge.

We would like to introduce a seasoning called Dashi Soy Sauce – a blend of dashi and soy sauce. Let’s explore Dashi and see how adding it to traditional soy sauce accenturates the flavor and heightens the experience of making Japanese food.

Dashi, the Essence of Japanese Cuisine

Dashi is Japanese soup stock that is often used in combination with soy sauce to season Japanese dishes. It is the very foundation of Japanese cuisine. The quality of the dish will be determined by the quality of Dashi. It is the secret ingredient that gives Japanese cuisine its soft, mild and healthy traits along with a deep aroma and rich taste.

Dashi is made by simmering natural ingredients like fish and kelp. It serves as a healthy backbone that brings out the rich flavor of Japanese food. Chefs who are familiar with authentic Japanese cuisine know that dashi is the essential, decisive ingredient, even more so than soy sauce.

The Umami in Dashi

There are five basic tastes – sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness and umami (savory taste) – the balance of these determines the flavor. Sweet and salty are major elements of flavor. The two can be overused leading to health issues and poor diet choices. Japanese food, however, makes skilful use adding umami to the palate. The flavorful balance it creates helps moderate the amount of sweetness and saltiness in a dish. This is what makes Japanese dishes delicious and healthy.

Perfect Blend of Dashi and Soy Sauce

Maser chefs of Japanese cuisine blend carefully selected premium soy sauce and only the highest quality Dashi to create their signature dishes. The foundation of this cuisine is the masterful combination and balance of soy sauce and Dashi. In other words, Dashi Soy Sauce.

Not only master chefs, but some Japanese households have their own original blend of soy sauce and Dashi. These recipes have been handed down through generations as the only favorite flavor home cooking can create. This flavor reminds us of the peaceful and joyous times we came together to enjoy our mothers’ home cooking. Kamada Soy Sauce spent many years researching these recipes from master chefs and home cooked meals to create our own unique blend of soy sauce and Dashi that is Kamada Dashi Soy Sauce.

We are proud to recommend this taste of authentic Japanese cuisine—our Dashi Soy Sauce.

A Fresh Taste Sensation that Changes Standard Cooking into Japanese Cuisine

The Japanese people have an insasiable curiosity when it comes to food. Tokyo is well known to have many restaurants that specialize in cuisines from all over the world. Did you know that even within Japanese homes you will often find cuisines from around the world being prepared there as well?

Foreign dishes are not simply assimilated into Japanese cuisine. They are altered slightly to create Japanese-style meals. Here, soy sauce plays an important role by adding a familiar Japanese flavor. As it is very versatile, Dashi Soy Sauce has the power to change everyday cooking into a Japanese-style experience.