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About the Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

KAMADA Group Companies ("KAMADA Group") is committed to protecting the personal information it obtains from customers in its catalog and mail-order sales business as well as other personal information it has obtained, including that of our employees. KAMADA Group has established a management system for the protection of personal information based on the following Policy for the Protection of Personal Information ("Policy") and implements, maintains and improves the system to ensure the appropriate protection of personal information.

Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

  1. When collecting personal information, KAMADA Group shall disclose in advance the purpose of use of the personal information. Such information shall not be used for any purpose other than that disclosed in advance. The collected personal information shall not be provided to any party or used for any purpose other than those for which we have received customer consent. If outsourcing operations, KAMADA Group shall conclude an agreement with the outsourced party to obligate the outsourced party to implement the strict management of personal information at a level that is equivalent to that of the management implemented by KAMADA Group. Measures will also be taken to ensure that the above are carried out appropriately.
  2. KAMADA Group shall be highly aware of risks related to personal information, which include unauthorized access to and the leakage, loss or damage of the personal information possessed by KAMADA Group. KAMADA Group shall take appropriate preventative and corrective action towards such risks.
  3. KAMADA Group shall comply with the laws, regulations and guidelines established by the Japanese government and other rules related to the handling of personal information.
  4. KAMADA Group shall set up a contact point for handling complaints or consultations regarding the personal information possessed by KAMADA Group, and shall deal with these appropriately.
  5. KAMADA Group shall periodically review its management system for the protection of personal information, and carry out ongoing improvements to ensure that the system is effectively implemented.

Date of establishment: February 1, 2005
Last revised: April 1, 2014

Takeo Kamada, CEO
Kamada Foods International, Ltd.

KAMADA Group employees shall be informed of this Policy for the Protection of Personal Information. At the same time, the Policy shall be published on the KAMADA SOY SAUCE website to enable access by the general public.

Handling of Personal Information

KAMADA Group is aware of the importance of the respect and protection of privacy, and shall ensure appropriate protection by handling personal information as follows.

Name of the Business Operator


Name, Title, Affiliation and Contact Information of the Personal Information Protection Manager (or Such Agent)

General Manager of the Business Department
Contact information:


Use and Provision of Personal Information

The personal information KAMADA SOY SAUCE receives in the course of accepting orders for merchandise or requests for services shall be used for the following purposes.
  1. Fulfillment of orders and requests as well as subsequent management.
  2. Sending of direct mail introducing the products and services offered by KAMADA SOY SAUCE.
  3. Research and surveys to develop or improve the quality of the products and services offered by KAMADA SOY SAUCE.

The information shall be mutually provided between KAMADA SOY SAUCE and its Group companies (Kamada Foods International, Ltd., Kamada Mushroom Co., Ltd. and Kamada Foods International (America), Ltd.) and used within the same scope of use.
Note, however, that such use and provision of the relevant personal information shall be promptly terminated in the case that a request to do so is made by the customer.
Except in cases established by laws, etc., the personal information of a customer shall not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the express advance consent of the customer.

Commissioning of the Handling of Personal Information

There may be cases in which we commission a portion of KAMADA SOY SAUCE operations to a subcontracting company. In such cases, an agreement regarding the protection of personal information shall be concluded with the subcontracting company, and appropriate management and oversight shall be carried out to protect personal information.

Requests to Disclose, Correct or Delete Personal Information

In the case that a customer makes a request in relation to his/her personal information, KAMADA SOY SAUCE, upon confirming that the request is being made by the individual or a legitimate agent, will disclose the customer's relevant personal information and correct or delete said personal information to a reasonable extent in accordance with the instructions of the customer.

<Personal Information Items Subject to Disclosure, Etc., Upon Request>

  1. Name
  2. Address (including name of the place of employment)
  3. Telephone number (including mobile phone, IP phone and fax numbers)
  4. Email address
  5. Purchase history
  6. Customer code number
  7. Login name
  8. Bank account number
  9. Date of birth
  10. Gender

Note that disclosure, etc., shall not be made if any of the following apply.

  1. If disclosure, etc., contain a risk of harming the life, person, property or other interests or rights of the individual or a third party
  2. If disclosure, etc., contain a risk of significantly hindering the appropriate execution of operations by KAMADA SOY SAUCE or a Group company (Kamada Foods International, Ltd., Kamada Mushroom Co., Ltd. and Kamada Foods International (America), Ltd.)
  3. If disclosure, etc., constitute a violation of laws or regulations

If you would like to have your personal information disclosed to you, or if you would like to correct or delete your personal information, please inquire with the contact point shown below.
Note that as a general rule, no fee will be charged for requests for personal information disclosure.

Voluntary Nature of the Provision of Personal Information by an Individual and Consequences of Not Providing Said Information

Although you are basically free to choose whether or not you provide your personal information, please note that we may not be able to fulfill your order or request or its later management if you refuse to provide your personal information.

Collection of Personal Information through Methods that Are Not Easily Discernable to Individuals

Cookies are used on this website. However, the use of Cookies will not invade your privacy (personal information) or have any adverse effect on your computer.

Inquiries Related to Personal Information

Related inquiries should be directed to the Order Acceptance Department.



KAMADA SOY SAUCE has received the PrivacyMark certification of the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC) in March 2006. Use of the PrivacyMark is awarded to companies certified by JIPDEC as a business operator that handles personal information appropriately and is in compliance with Japan Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001 [Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements]).

About Authorized Personal Information Protection Organizations

As a business operator handling personal information, KAMADA SOY SAUCE is a target entity of the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC). JIPDEC is an authorized personal information protection organization based on the Act on Protection of Personal Information. JIPDEC accepts complaints as well as consultations related to the handling of personal information by target entities.

Inquiries:Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC)
Personal Information Protection Complaints Consultation Office, PrivacyMark Promotion Center
Address:Roppongi First Building 12F, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 JAPAN
Phone number:+81-3-5860-7565
Toll-free number: 0120-700-779

*Inquiries related to products and services handled by KAMADA Group should not be addressed to this organization.

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