Indications related to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions (Rules related to Mail Order Sales)


Kamada Foods International, Ltd.

Head of Operations

Takeo Kamada


2-1-59 Irifunecho, Sakaide, Kagawa Prefecture 762-8602 JAPAN

Charges in Addition to the Merchandise Price

Shipping fee and handling charge for payment on delivery

Deadline for Order Placement


Sales Volume

Please inquire with us by email, telephone or fax, and we will respond accordingly.

Delivery Period

Your shipment will be delivered about four or five days after we have received an order. Please note, however, that it may take about a week during the summer and winter gift-giving seasons or sales campaigns.

Payment Methods

Postal transfer, payment through convenience stores, bank transfer, payment on delivery or credit card payment through TA-Q-BIN Collect
  • If making a postal transfer or payment through a convenience store, please make your payment within 10 days of receiving our invoice. Use the payment handing slip sent to the billing address with the order shipment (payment of handling charges will be borne by our company).
  • If making payment by bank transfer, the handling charges will be borne by the customer.
  • Payment on delivery is also available. Please pay the total amount (merchandise fee + shipping fee) plus the handling fee for payment on delivery (324 yen (300 yen excluding consumption tax)) by cash when your order is delivered.
    Note that a shipping fee and payment on delivery fee are required for each delivery package.
  • Credit card payment is also available. Note, however, that payment by credit card is not available for purchases exceeding 300,000 yen in total.

Payment Deadline

Within 10 days of receiving the merchandise.

Returns and Defective Goods

Please check the content of the delivery upon arrival and contact us if there are any errors or other problems with the delivered items. We will exchange the merchandise as soon as you contact us.

Return Shipping Fees

Note that return shipping fees will be borne by the customer if the return is due to the customer's personal reasons. We will bear the return shipping charges for defective goods exchange or erroneous shipment.

Contact Information


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the following: Contact Us: Other.