What's Dashi Soy Sauce

Many of you probably think of soy sauce when you think about cooking Japanese food at home. Japanese food is considered not only tasty but also healthy, but you may have found it harder than you imagined to recreate it at home, even if using soy sauce.


Foreign dishes are not simply assimilated into Japanese cuisine but touches are also added to turn them into Japanese-style dishes.Here, too, Dashi Soy Sauce plays an important part. It helps change any kind of dish into a Japanese-style dish.

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Dashi Soy Sauce

All you need to turn home cooking into authentic Japanese-style dishes.


Ponzu Soy Sauce

A fresh-tasting soy sauce with a dash of citrus flavor—a great sauce for Gyoza pot stickers.


Customer Feedback

30 year old woman

I always use your soy sauce (all the flavors) on everything!
Because of your soy sauce, I have been able to make a larger variety of dishes than before. I tried to order Sanuki Udon on your website but it was all sold out. I was disappointed! Next time I will order further in advance so please have more ready. I am anxious to eat either Sanuki Udon or soba.

50 year old woman

I have been a fan of Kamada Soy Sauce for 20 years.
My friend used to live where they made Kamada Soy Sauce. It is my eighth year living in the U.S., when I heard from a friend about Kamada America. I ordered right away. Kamada Soy Sauce brings back memories of my youth…I am anxious for it to arrive.
When it does arrive, I plan to share the soy sauce with the Nikkei people in my neighborhood. Thank you very much.

20 year old man

Thank you for providing the new information and the recipes all the time. By using your soy sauce, dishes that had been boring and dull were transformed into new, gourmet flavors! I will continue to use you soy sauce.